Tycho from Penguin had told us of the inukshuk he had built on a rock at Octopus island. We spotted it's remains on the way in and rebuilt it while we were there.

A native clam garden at Octopus Island.

And then on to the secret location of the art shack that Tycho and Kathy told us about.

Finally down to Rebecca Spit, sharing it with a yacht with helicopter.

It is now the end of June as we head for Desolation Sound. Bet there are more boats there now.

Reid Island eagles.

Pretty ketch in Sutil Channel. Thats what I want next... another sailboat.

4th of July at Cassel Lake.

Back in Roscoe but now there are 15-20 boats here. One looks like it is on fire but it is only an enthusastic barbie.

We saw this Val tri in Comox and chat with the owners who motorsail out over the Roscoe Bay bar.

The narrow pass by Otter Island.

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