Update to 2001:

While there has been significant interest in this design the market does not seem large enough to support production runs of 50 to 100 units per year. That kind of volume would be needed for the aluminium production method to keep costs down.

I have done some design work on more radical biplane and multiplane concepts and it seems to have lots of potential for very high performance racing designs.

A study of the design, development and mass production of the Millenium Skeeter, a high perfromance, high quality 30' trailerable catamaran.

Design Parameters:
Unstayed biplane wishbone rig.
Anodized aluminium construction.
Quick setup 45 minutes from trail to sail (race configuration).
Beam can be reduced underway for narrow berths.
Weight 2800 lbs. Displacement 4500 lbs. Sail Area 710 sqft.
Very high performance.
2+2 berths, master stateroom + convertable dinette.
Full galley and separate head.
Cruiser coupe configuration converts to race configuration.
Moderate cost, <$60,000 fully equipped.

Millennium Skeeter Layout

Millennium Skeeter Plan and Profile

Millennium Skeeter Technical Stuf

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