Some of the concepts under development are sketched out here. Once again I have chosen an unstayed biplane wishbone rig. This should be a easily handled rig and is a economical rig with no stays and minimal rigging. There is only one sheet from each sail and due to the wishbone these load are relatively light. There is drawn a squaresail set from both masts for use downwind in light to moderate conditions

The design uses a service pod for the engine, centreboard, rudder, windlass and chain locker, fuel tank, holding tank and for the battery bank. This allows the efficient use of a single engine to reduce costs and the use of single larger centerboard and rudder. The concetration of these weights low in the central middle section of the vessel should improve motion in a seaway.

Steering is from the inside station at the front of the cabin. There is excellent powerboat type visibility from this location with the windows all round the cabin. There will be a tiller available for emergency use or other casual use from the cockpit though this would normally be folded out of the way. The sheets are led to the cockpit but could be brought inside near the steering station if one felt the need and did not mind wet sheets hanging about inside. With the windlass and anchor directly infront of the helm seat it provides excellent visibility when raising and lowering the anchor.

The cockpit has a hard cover overhead which is a good location for a solar panel array. The cockpit is primaraly a social area and not generally an area for working the boat.

Side plan.

Down wind with squaresail up.

Layout plan.

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