Osram VII

Osram VII has been sold and Launched.

All plate is 5086H116 and all shapes are 6061T6. The bottom plate is 3/16", the lower hull sides are 5/32" and the rest of the plate is 1/8". The stringers on the bottom and lower hull sides are a hat section about 3" wide, 2" high, 3/16" wall. Most of the upper sides and deck stringers are a 'T' 2"x2"x3/16", with a larger section in the cabin top. Construction is jigless with panels being assembled as sub-assemblies with longditudinal stringers, then tacked together. Bulkheads are put in place at various phases of assembly.

Construction Log... 'It aint work cause your doing it for yourself.' Jim Brown.

0-100 hours. 100-200 hours. 200-300 hours.
300-400 hours. 400-500 hours. 500-600 hours.
600-700 hours. 700-800 hours. 800-900 hours.
900-1000 hours. 1000-1100 hours. 1100-1200 hours.
1200-1300 hours. 1300-1400 hours. 1400-1500 hours.
1500-1600 hours. 1600-1700 hours. 1700-1800 hours.
1800-1900 hours. 1900-2000 hours. 2000-2100 hours.
2100-2200 hours. 2200-2300 hours. 2300-2400 hours.
2400-2500 hours.   2500-2600 hours.   The Launch.  

Construction Logs current to January 4, 2000 and as can be best recalled for work from that date.

Suppliers and Tools.

Adriaanís Aluminium boat-building project a 34' van de Stadt multi-chine keelboat.

Ianís keelboat project a 39' Brent Swain being built in a greenhouse in Alberta.

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